Escarole & Bean Soup

Escarole & Bean Soup


  • 1 large head fresh escarole coarsely chopped
  • 2 cans of Cannellini beans or about 2 – 3 cups of dried beans, soaked over night and then cooked separately (you want to add them to the soup already cooked)
  • 5 or more cloves of garlic, whole
  • 1 lb Italian sausage, either pre – cooked or raw. If you use the raw sausage it will need to cook a bit longer … ( see below)
  • hot pepper flakes
  • salt
  • oregano
  • basil
  • 2 bay leaves
  • pepper
  • extra virgin olive oil


Start with your breath. Yes give this pot of soup the breath of life, so that everything you do is alive and filled with love. breathe in breathe out!

Next add the olive oil to of your soup pot on medium. Add the whole cloves of garlic and let them brown. With a fork press the toasted garlic into the hot oil. Breathe in the wonderful aroma of the Italian country side.

Drop in your cut up sausage rounds. If it is pre cooked sausage links let them brown up a bit. If you are using raw sausage then  let these cook a bit longer.

Cover with water and bring to a boil then let the pot simmer for half an hour or so.

Add Cannellinii beans and stir in chopped escarole…remember your intentions…breathe and stir them in.

Add bay leaves, oregano, basil and salt.

Allow soup to continue to simmer until escarole is wilted.

Serve with cracked pepper. You may also add a grate of  Parmesan cheese.

Pray~ Love~ Breathe ~Eat

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